Caching To Spokane

Downtown Spokane, Washington, as viewed from Palisades Park to the west of the city.

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Our son is coming home on leave today from the Army and we have to go to the airport in Spokane to pick him up. Not like you need a reason to cache but we are going to do a few on the way there. The weather is crappy today. I think it will be fun anyway. A little rain never hurt anyone. I can’t wait to see our son. It’s been 5 months! I will get lots of photos.

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Caching in The Dalles

Bruce and I spent 2 days in the Dalles, Oregon and had a wonderful time. We cached on the way there and found 2. One had a really nice hike to get it. While in the Dalles we did a walking tour of the old Historic homes. Wow they are really nice. We also went through a museum. Really wanted to go through the old Fort but it was closed for the winter. Of course Geodog Ellen was with us. She posed for some great pictures. If you are ever in the area it is well worth staying a day or two.


Geodog Finds The Cache

Bruce and I headed out for a drive today and decided to do a cache as we had two travel bugs that needed to be moving on. We had them way too long. We pulled off the road and went towards the trail. It was a nice drive then we parked the car and let out out our wonderful Geodog Ellen. It was a little ways to the cache but the walk was very nice and the weather was really good for a change. As we got within about 30 feet of the cache Ellen ran right to it and stuck her head in the hole where it was hiding! Then she proceeded to laugh at us. I swear she did!


Slow to Post

Sorry for keeping you waiting for updates. I have been busy spending every last minute with my son. He left for the Army on Friday and for about the last 2 weeks we’ve been having fun together. Hiking, caching,watching movies and playing card games.


One of the caches was a six mile hike that included 4 parts. There were 2 others along the way. We started out early in cloudy weather.


We had our Geodog Ellen with us and as her and my son rounded a corner they disturbed some Big Horn Sheep. 3 of them took off running. I got a shot of them in the distance.


We got the first part and went on about another mile or 2 then the weather turned really crappy. Fog came in and freezing temps. We decided to head back down the mountain.


We laughed and talked. A time we’ll both remember. I won’t get to hug him again for about 6 months. We’ll all miss him but this is what he wants to be doing. He is going to be a medic.

Caching in Vegas

My daughter and I went to Las Vegas for a week for her 21st birthday. We had a wonderful time. Got some awesome pictures and video footage. The fireworks were incredible. We were on the strip for them right across from the Flamingo. Got the volcano on video also.

We met some very nice people while there that weren’t cachers so of course we had to get them interested. We did the convention center one as their first. They are older folks and it is easy to get to. We brought back a travel bug and 2 geocoins to send on their way in Oregon. We will hopefully get a chance to go back this year and do a lot more caching. Thanks for the welcome in Vegas.

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High-tech hunt for lost treasure —

High-tech hunt for lost treasure
Finding trifles with GPS is becoming a popular sport on the Peninsula

By SAM MCDONALD | 247-4732
December 16, 2007

High-tech hunt for lost treasure —

Christmas Event Cache

It’s coming up Thursday. They are doing a secret Santa gift thing. I am taking a crazy quilt wall hanging I made to sell. I will let you know what we got  and hopefully some photos as well. Are you going to one?