A fish tale.

A fish Tale

Bruce and I set out for the river again yesterday. We went to another favorite spot and settled in with our snacks. Threw out our lines and within about an hour Bruce caught 2 very nice sized bass. I got 2 good bites but no luck. I hope losing fish is not going to continue to happen to me. The day before I had a whopper on the line, got it to about 6 feet of the bank and my line broke! It is not just a tale of the one that got away. I have a witness. Bruce saw it jump just as it broke my line.

The pole The fish

My husband tried to kill me!

Sit back and read my harrowing tale of the day my husband tried to scare me to death. Wednesday afternoon we decided to gather up our fishing gear, our lab Ellen, some munchies and head to the river for some fishing time. We left about 1 p.m., went down the freeway to the old fishin hole. It takes about an hour to get to one of our secret spots. After you leave the freeway it is a beautiful drive through the desert on what is basically a cow trail. The trail leads to a quiet rocky beach on the river. Bruce backed Beetle Bailey, our VW Beetle as close to the river as he could get without seeing if the car could swim. We unloaded the chairs, munchies, coffee, Ellen and finally yet importantly, the worms and fishing gear.

Maybe you can tell by now that I love to fish. Yes, Bruce does also. Ellen just likes to play in the water and eat shrimp and fish that we clean for her.


The weather was fantastic. It was sunny, clear and very warm. There are some unique looking rocks along the waters edge so I decided to check them out by wading in a little ways with my flip-flops on. I had already cast my fishing line in the water and set the pole down on my chair. I usually put it through the arm but for some reason did not this time.

I found some very good rock specimens as we all enjoyed the weather and sounds on the river. I must have gotten a little tunnel vision because all of a sudden Bruce yelled Dear, Dear!! My fishing pole was going in the water. I spun around, stepped out of one of my flippies, landing on a huge rock under my foot while screaming and grabbing my pole but envisioning Moby Dick swallowing me up!!! We both love fantasy movies with all kinds of creatures and because I had been so engrossed in what I was doing in the water, I thought for sure one of them had come to eat me! My heart pounded for an hour. I told Bruce he must have paid up the insurance policy on me so that he could give me a heart attack to collect on it. We both laughed so hard for so long that I’m sure Ellen was thinking we had gone crazy. Needless to say it wasn’t Moby, just a small Bass on my line. What a wonderful way to spend a day with the ones you love.



Geo Cat

Here is the best cat in the world. He has a unique personality. Most people don’t appreciate it but I certainly do. Such a face. He looks peaceful. To bad he’s a brat. Years ago our daughter Casey was Master Showman when she was in FFA. She always liked cats. We were at a junior show when I saw someone giving kittens away so I got her one as a surprise. She named him Junior. This is him all grown up.

Junior Kitty


I was driving home the other day after taking Bruce to work and saw this rainbow. I have always thought of my granddad when I see them. He was born in Ireland, had a very good sense of humor and a definite touch of blarney about him. I imagine him sitting at the end of the rainbows watching over me.


Caching with Cade

Here are some photos I took when Cade and I went caching yesterday. I think he is hooked. He is already planning a second trip here with one of his friends. One of the photos showing the river is actually a sail boarder. Look close and you’ll see it.

Cade checking the gps.Finding cache.CacheSail boarding

Teen son’s first time

Our 19 year old went caching with me today as Bruce had to work. We found 5 caches and  had a blast. He and I had lots of time to catch up. We don’t see him as often as we’d like anymore. He works full time and will be starting college in Jan. I think he likes this caching stuff. We walked along some very nice trails next to the Columbia River. Found a travel bug and 2 geocoins.