Drum Roll Please!

Here it is, new weigh-in.  240 lbs!! Thats five pounds off in just two weeks. Yeah baby.


Weekly Check-In

Wow what an awesome week. Only cheated on the diet one night. Worked out everyday! Last night was at the gym for an hour. The weather here is getting colder and the darkness is here at 5 pm so will have to start going to the gym every night, instead of walking outside. I will miss that. Today is check in day. I will post my new weight as soon as I do the weigh-in. It has to be a little later today because I actually have to get some work done for a client. You can check out my virtual office site HERE.

Movie review-Transformers

In my opinion this is one of the best movies to come along in a while. Great acting. I liked most of the actors in it. I thought the beginning was a little slow going but boy did it pick up. The cgi was awesome. They really paid attention to detail, like when a transformer put it’s foot down, you saw the gravel, pavement and rubble fly. Bumble Bee is just wonderful as are they all. He has very cool mannerisms.

Bumble Bee


Bruce and I walked 3 and 1/2 miles tonight! We started early because it gets dark by 6 now. We walk around a farmers crop circle right across the road from us. I like to walk there because I don’t have to put Ellen’s leash on her. I got a Pedometer last night do I could accurately measure how far I walk each day. When we were in town yesterday we ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I thought for sure I’d gained some weight because I ate way too much food. I had to check on the scale this morning instead of waiting for my weekly weigh in. I was pleasantly surprised. I had lost another 2 lbs.

Caches, Waymarks and new Gps

Bruce and I spent the day yesterday with our daughter Casey and her friend caching in Pendleton,Oregon. We found some cool caches and also logged some waymarks. Met another cacher and his baby. Traded some discoveries and had a nice chat. Got one dnf which I hate, but we had a new Garmin Etex Legend gps unit that we’d gotten in the morning and it wasn’t working right. It kept shutting off and you had to take out the brand new batteries to reset it. After that cache we took it back and exchanged it. No trouble with the second unit so far.

Got about three or four waymarks also. If you want more info on them you can go to the website. There was a benchmark close by but it was getting too late. We’ll get it next time. Casey had to go to work so we dropped her off and headed home. You can find out about benchmarks here.

road_warriorBenchmarkUmatilla WaymarkPendleton Airport

Two new things discovered today

We went on a lovely 2 hour drive in search of our first cache from the Terra cache website and our first waymark. Got them both! The Terra cache was awesome. It is Stonehenge in Washington. If you are in the area it is well worth the stop. There is also a war memorial there.

Signstone2.jpgstonehenge.jpgKlickatat Countyklickatatcounty.jpg

Lost three pounds!!

Yup first weigh in after starting and I have lost 3 lbs!! I am liking this. Last night Bruce had to work OT so I took Ellen for a walk. We went 4 miles!