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My Future

Yesterday was the first day of my getting healthy campaign. Over the years I have eaten all the junk fast food just like everyone else. Using my busy life as an excuse I have gotten severely over weight. 100 pounds to be exact.
In January of this year I quit smoking after many years. That is another excuse I have for the weight packing on. I started to research a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. I got on the web to find the facts about food and exercise. I found a lot of information. As a matter of fact it was information overload. I also got an appointment with my doctor and got her advice.
I settled on Ediets for the food and exercise help I need. The Mediterranean diet is the one I choose to go with. I love my pasta and bread. Hubby is on board also. He was taking high blood pressure medication but is off it now. We took him off salt and prepackaged food which has tons of salt. He is going into the Army so has to be in shape for the over 40 physical. It is not quite as intense as the regular one but still tough. We did start eating better months ago, fresh fruit and veggies but didn’t know enough to go it alone.This is day 2 and so far so good. My biggest problem is getting through the evenings. That is when I seem to want to snack. I am an admitted soda and chip-a-holic.
I do love to hike and geocache so that will be integrated into my exercise routine. I have also learned to keep a journal. It is a must so you can really honestly keep track of your food intake. I went out last night and got a weight scale. Right now I am at 245 lbs. I’d say it was way past time to loose the weight. These pictures are the before. I will keep updating here.

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  1. You go girl! I was in the same boat. I considered myself a total of 75 lbs overweight when I started. I used my blog as a diary, but not a private one. I needed to share what I was doing, to be held accountable to family and friends.

    My advice is to add walking almost every day! Five miles. Then add other activities that do not seem like exercise. For me, I added softball.

    On the eating thing, I have those moments, on some days I give in, but get busy the next day. Being a guy, I have a partner at work and we are a bit competitive. One day he was lighter and that a kick in the pants to get focused.

    I recommend goals (I call my resolutions). Create many of them, so they can be accomplished in small (encouraging) steps.

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