Slow to Post

Sorry for keeping you waiting for updates. I have been busy spending every last minute with my son. He left for the Army on Friday and for about the last 2 weeks we’ve been having fun together. Hiking, caching,watching movies and playing card games.


One of the caches was a six mile hike that included 4 parts. There were 2 others along the way. We started out early in cloudy weather.


We had our Geodog Ellen with us and as her and my son rounded a corner they disturbed some Big Horn Sheep. 3 of them took off running. I got a shot of them in the distance.


We got the first part and went on about another mile or 2 then the weather turned really crappy. Fog came in and freezing temps. We decided to head back down the mountain.


We laughed and talked. A time we’ll both remember. I won’t get to hug him again for about 6 months. We’ll all miss him but this is what he wants to be doing. He is going to be a medic.


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  1. Loved the photos of your six mile hike. It looks like you folks are having a great time geocaching.

    When you talk to your son, tell him that we appreciate his service to our country. My son served four years in the Marine Corps.

    The Northwoods Geocats

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