Geodog Finds The Cache

Bruce and I headed out for a drive today and decided to do a cache as we had two travel bugs that needed to be moving on. We had them way too long. We pulled off the road and went towards the trail. It was a nice drive then we parked the car and let out out our wonderful Geodog Ellen. It was a little ways to the cache but the walk was very nice and the weather was really good for a change. As we got within about 30 feet of the cache Ellen ran right to it and stuck her head in the hole where it was hiding! Then she proceeded to laugh at us. I swear she did!



2 Responses

  1. That’s so funny that you say that about Ellen laughing. Just the other day my friend asked me if animals laugh and I told her yes, I’ve witnessed my parent’s dog do it. She was watching a program in which they stated laughter is a uniquely human trait, but then some other scientists recorded mice laughing while playing. I do think dogs laugh – at least the ones with a sense of humor! – but it is not something you hear, but something you feel instead.

  2. That is hilarious!! I also have a dog that loves geocaching :O) Her name is Pistol and she is a Pomeranian. She also enjoys a new type of geocaching called Mscapes. I recommend you check it out. Here is the site I found it on:

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