Caching in The Dalles

Bruce and I spent 2 days in the Dalles, Oregon and had a wonderful time. We cached on the way there and found 2. One had a really nice hike to get it. While in the Dalles we did a walking tour of the old Historic homes. Wow they are really nice. We also went through a museum. Really wanted to go through the old Fort but it was closed for the winter. Of course Geodog Ellen was with us. She posed for some great pictures. If you are ever in the area it is well worth staying a day or two.



4 Responses

  1. Great photos! Especially ‘the one’. I see you guys have a great sense of humor. And I love the PETA shirt. You have my vote.

  2. I see a fun geocaching site here. I like the pictures. I’ll blogroll you so my readers can check you out.

  3. I just wandered onto your blog, great site. I’ve added you to best of website because of your narrow focus on geocaching. I hope you dont mind. Keep up the great posts

  4. hey! i’m also in oregon! 🙂

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