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Next hike

We are going on a 20 mile hike starting on Tuesday night. Maybe Wednesday morning. It is on the Lewis and Clark trail thru some very nice wildlife viewing areas along the Columbia river. This area is desert so this is a very good time of year to hike it. The temps will be bearable. We will go about half way and camp at the campground beyond sail board beach, then return on Thursday. There will be lots of fishing going on. Some geocache hunting and plenty of photos. Our old dog Ellen will be going with us. She belonged to our son for 15 years but now that he is off to college, we have inherited her. She is still very spry for her age but has a favorite trick when she is hiking with us. She believes she is one of our children and therefor cannot understand why we put her on a leash at times! How dare we? lol She will walk for about a mile with us then starts to lag behind at the end of it until we are almost dragging her, so that we will take it off. As soon as we do she is running at least 10 feet in front of us. I hate putting it on her but it’s necessary when other people and dogs are around.Ellen