Under 240!

Yeah, that’s right. I now weigh 238!! I love Ediets and geocaching. Ediets is so easy to stick to and the price is right. Geocaching is so much fun and so good for you too. The fresh air, the hiking and good company. The thinking is good for your brain. Just like the game Brain Age. Bruce and I are going to spend the day caching tomorrow. Lots of exercise when you get 15 or 20 caches in a day. Are you exercising today?

Geo dog Ellenellenontrail.jpgNew Garmin


How to: Go Green AND Save a Boatload of Money – 57 Tips, Tutorials, and Ideas

Check out the FRUGALIST for some great ideas.

Lots of ways to exercise while you’re saving.


38th Annual New York City Marathon Kicks Off-Great Exercise

Thousands of runners are hitting the streets for the 38th annual New York City marathon today, with more than 37,000 runners expected to participate in the world’s premier road race.
Athletes with disabilities started first, followed by those in wheelchairs and on hand-cycles.
After that the women’s professional race begins. Then comes the Five Borough Challenge, and finally the men’s professional race and the main race.
It all starts on the Staten Island side of the Verrazano Bridge, and winds through every borough, finishing up in Central Park.
Two million fans are expected to line the route.
The New York Road Runners, who sponsor the event, say that’s what makes it all worthwhile for the runners.
“For many people who’ve never run a marathon, this is why they do it, because no matter where you are, when you start on Staten Island, you start in Brooklyn, everybody’s out there cheering you on,” says Ann Hinegardener of New York Road Runners. “And you don’t have to be a runner to participate. There’s entertainment zones; we have 126 bands along the course, so there’s a lot of ways you can cheer on your family members or just anybody running.”

Talk about a great way to get exercise and it’s green also. No harm is done to the environment. I am not quite up to marathons yet but maybe someday. Last year there were lots of celebs watching. This year TomKat was there.