My husband tried to kill me!

Sit back and read my harrowing tale of the day my husband tried to scare me to death. Wednesday afternoon we decided to gather up our fishing gear, our lab Ellen, some munchies and head to the river for some fishing time. We left about 1 p.m., went down the freeway to the old fishin hole. It takes about an hour to get to one of our secret spots. After you leave the freeway it is a beautiful drive through the desert on what is basically a cow trail. The trail leads to a quiet rocky beach on the river. Bruce backed Beetle Bailey, our VW Beetle as close to the river as he could get without seeing if the car could swim. We unloaded the chairs, munchies, coffee, Ellen and finally yet importantly, the worms and fishing gear.

Maybe you can tell by now that I love to fish. Yes, Bruce does also. Ellen just likes to play in the water and eat shrimp and fish that we clean for her.


The weather was fantastic. It was sunny, clear and very warm. There are some unique looking rocks along the waters edge so I decided to check them out by wading in a little ways with my flip-flops on. I had already cast my fishing line in the water and set the pole down on my chair. I usually put it through the arm but for some reason did not this time.

I found some very good rock specimens as we all enjoyed the weather and sounds on the river. I must have gotten a little tunnel vision because all of a sudden Bruce yelled Dear, Dear!! My fishing pole was going in the water. I spun around, stepped out of one of my flippies, landing on a huge rock under my foot while screaming and grabbing my pole but envisioning Moby Dick swallowing me up!!! We both love fantasy movies with all kinds of creatures and because I had been so engrossed in what I was doing in the water, I thought for sure one of them had come to eat me! My heart pounded for an hour. I told Bruce he must have paid up the insurance policy on me so that he could give me a heart attack to collect on it. We both laughed so hard for so long that I’m sure Ellen was thinking we had gone crazy. Needless to say it wasn’t Moby, just a small Bass on my line. What a wonderful way to spend a day with the ones you love.




More fishing and caching!!!Oh Yeah, hiking too.

Yes indeed. Is there any other reason to live? hahaha  We spent Wed. night fishing at one of our favorite spots. Didn’t catch anything big enough to keep but we all enjoyed the peace, including Ellen. She is so funny in the water. She doesn’t lap at it when she wants a drink, she kind of shovels at it with her whole face! Did pass one very grumpy guy on the way to our spot. Wow if I ever get that way I hope someone tells me.

Today we went caching.  Got 6 more. Yeah! Also got to see some neat country. We go to the tri-cities often but without caching, we would never have found the cool places or seen some of the best scenery because we are always in a hurry to get there and back. Well we found some today and some very easy caches.


Bruce, Ellen and I went fishing last night. We loaded up the car and headed for our favorite spot. We took the exit off the freeway and I asked Bruce to stop so Ellen and I could get out and walk for a while. It was about a mile and a half to the fishing spot and I had a new pair of hiking boots to break in. Off we went. Got about half way there and Bruce came driving towards us. Apparently there were way too many people having a party near our spot so we took a dirt road down to the river and set up our chairs. Well I think we may have found another good place to fish. Within an hour we caught 8!! Bruce caught the biggest one. It was about a foot long big mouth bass. I would cast my line and there’d be a fish on it almost as soon as it hit the water. Granted they were the size of bait and had to be thrown back but it was sure fun. Ellen played in the water most of the evening. She was really wanting to play with some birds but they didn’t oblige her by coming close enough. It was getting dark when I thought to get photos but you can still see how peaceful the area is.


Next hike

We are going on a 20 mile hike starting on Tuesday night. Maybe Wednesday morning. It is on the Lewis and Clark trail thru some very nice wildlife viewing areas along the Columbia river. This area is desert so this is a very good time of year to hike it. The temps will be bearable. We will go about half way and camp at the campground beyond sail board beach, then return on Thursday. There will be lots of fishing going on. Some geocache hunting and plenty of photos. Our old dog Ellen will be going with us. She belonged to our son for 15 years but now that he is off to college, we have inherited her. She is still very spry for her age but has a favorite trick when she is hiking with us. She believes she is one of our children and therefor cannot understand why we put her on a leash at times! How dare we? lol She will walk for about a mile with us then starts to lag behind at the end of it until we are almost dragging her, so that we will take it off. As soon as we do she is running at least 10 feet in front of us. I hate putting it on her but it’s necessary when other people and dogs are around.Ellen

Searching for caches

I am busy searching for a list of caches that are on our route for the hike this weekend. We are hiking through the desert area of a local wildlife area. The trail is about 12 miles running mostly along the Columbia river. There is also some small bodies of water along the way that are great fishing spots. Yes I love to fish!! Anywhere, anytime. Bruce and I have been looking into getting a couple of those pen rods because they’d be great for backpacking. Will let you know if we do and if they really work. Our weekend is Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. We really like those days, no traffic when we travel, stores aren’t busy when we need to shop and camping spots are mostly empty. It’s like our very own campground.