Newest version of Gps Tuner out

GPS Tuner is an off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices. While most car navigation software gives you the possibility of planning your route based on a road network, GPS Tuner gives you the ability of navigation where the roads end. GPS Tuner is an excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities.



Geocaching: Getting Back To The Great Outdoors

Geocaching is a GPS (Global Positioning System) hide and seek
game, where hiders hide containers (called ‘caches’ or
‘geocaches’) anywhere in the world, record the coordinates, and
post a listing on a website for hunters to seek. Hunters can use
a handheld GPS unit to get close, but then must use their wits
to find the cache and log the find. A typical cache can be any
size and may be camouflaged, in order to make the hunt more
challenging, and usually contains a logbook for the hunter to
sign and usually some small trading items of little monetary
value.In May 2000 the government announced their decision to stop the
intentional degradation of GPS signal accuracy. In effect, this
made civilian use of GPS systems much more accurate and many
times more useful than it had been previously.
On the day following this announcement the first geocache was
placed by David Ulmer in Oregon. Ulmer’s idea was simple:
The hider would hide a container, note the coordinates with his
GPS unit.The seeker would locate the container using the given
coordinates, make a note in the logbook, then trade items.

It only took a few days for the cache to be found and reported
online, and a new outdoor sport was formed.
The sport has grown considerably since its humble beginnings. At
this writing there are well over ¼ million caches hidden around
the world. Odds are that there is a cache close to you. I found
my first cache after discovering that one was hidden less than a
mile from my home. I guess you could say that I got hooked
immediately, since I have found many since then.
Our family likes to go geocaching as a family activity. The
weekends will usually find us in one of our local parks
wandering the woods looking for caches.
Here’s how we normally do it:
1. We go to or to find a good
cache close to the area we want to hunt.
2. You can print out the cache pages (or alternatively load it into
our PDA).
3. We load the coordinates into our GPS unit and set our GPS
unit to navigate.
4. We load up our cold drinks and our trade items.
5. We drive to the coordinates and start looking. The cache
listing and log entries usually have some hints and can tell us
what kind of container we’re looking for.
6. Once we find the cache, we log our find in the cache logbook.
7. We trade a few trade items (usually inexpensive trinkets and
8. Once we get back home, we log our find on the listing website.
It’s not unusual  to find 3 to 5 caches in one
outing. Other more aggressive cachers will do 10 or 20 or more.

An enjoyable cache might be in an unknown park, an urban
wilderness area, or a mind-bending puzzle. We have enjoyed
getting our sedentary, internet-connected, couch potato bodies
out into the great outdoors breathing some fresh air.

Finally! A good reason to go outdoors again!

Caching with Cade

Here are some photos I took when Cade and I went caching yesterday. I think he is hooked. He is already planning a second trip here with one of his friends. One of the photos showing the river is actually a sail boarder. Look close and you’ll see it.

Cade checking the gps.Finding cache.CacheSail boarding

Teen son’s first time

Our 19 year old went caching with me today as Bruce had to work. We found 5 caches and  had a blast. He and I had lots of time to catch up. We don’t see him as often as we’d like anymore. He works full time and will be starting college in Jan. I think he likes this caching stuff. We walked along some very nice trails next to the Columbia River. Found a travel bug and 2 geocoins.

More fishing and caching!!!Oh Yeah, hiking too.

Yes indeed. Is there any other reason to live? hahaha  We spent Wed. night fishing at one of our favorite spots. Didn’t catch anything big enough to keep but we all enjoyed the peace, including Ellen. She is so funny in the water. She doesn’t lap at it when she wants a drink, she kind of shovels at it with her whole face! Did pass one very grumpy guy on the way to our spot. Wow if I ever get that way I hope someone tells me.

Today we went caching.  Got 6 more. Yeah! Also got to see some neat country. We go to the tri-cities often but without caching, we would never have found the cool places or seen some of the best scenery because we are always in a hurry to get there and back. Well we found some today and some very easy caches.

Rattlesnakes and Caching


Last night Bruce and I went caching. Found 5 more!!! Found plenty of nice scenery and excitement too. We started out on the Oregon side near McNary Dam in Umatilla. We walked through a beautiful area on bark covered trails to find 3 caches. 2 micros and 1 regular. Bruce took some nice photos. We had no idea that area was there. We talked to some very nice people who wanted to learn about geocaching. We left there and headed for the Washington side for some more wonderful scenery. Wow what views of the dam. Lots of excitement too. Bruce was hiking up a cliff to one cache and came very close to 2 rattlesnakes!! Jumped clear thank goodness. We found 2 more caches, a travelbug from CT and our first pin. It is a USA flag. We ran out of daylight so headed home. Stopped for a snack which is a no no that late but we had walked about 4 miles and were hungry. Will try to behave next time. lol

First GPS unit

Garmin EtrexI just bought our first hand held Garmin Etrex GPS unit for geocaching. I researched different brands and found Garmin’s to have the most good reviews. The other brands had too many bugs and fixes needed. You can see the specs of the Etrex here. I found this one used on Ebay for a really good price. Can’t wait to get it and learn how to use it to find caches.