Hiking for health and style!

Bruce and I got up yesterday and decided to go for a hike. We have all the goodies, packs,cooking gear, safety stuff, water bladders, tent, sleeping bags and more, so we were ready for almost any terrain. There is a wetland area near home so we thought that sounded like a plan. We repacked our gear because we didn’t need everything. It was just going to be a day hike with some fishing time thrown in.

We decided on a route, got Ellen ready to go and set off. We decided to ad our fold up lightweight chairs to Bruce’s pack so we’d be more comfortable fishing. We hiked for about 5 and 1/2 miles when we spotted a nice area to stop and have lunch. I had brought some noodles and crackers. Coffee too. We stopped, pulled out the chairs, set up the Sterno stove, had coffee while the noodles cooked and took some pictures. As we were sitting there I looked around and busted out laughing. As I explained to Bruce what I thought we looked like, sitting out in the boonies in our chairs, off he went laughing also. About half an hour later some ladies that worked for Fish and Game came along and we chatted for quite a while about land use in the area. They took our pictures to use in a brochure. Maybe we’ll be famous! lol 

It was getting on past noon so we decided to pack up and head for the fishing hole. We sat and fished for about 2 hours then headed home. My hip started hurting really bad so Bruce walked on ahead to get the car. Turned out I had raised my  pack up about 5 miles back and it just wasn’t sitting on me right. When I fixed it the pain lessened. It was still nice to get a ride for the last mile. All total we hiked 8 miles and had a wonderful day.

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More fishing and caching!!!Oh Yeah, hiking too.

Yes indeed. Is there any other reason to live? hahaha  We spent Wed. night fishing at one of our favorite spots. Didn’t catch anything big enough to keep but we all enjoyed the peace, including Ellen. She is so funny in the water. She doesn’t lap at it when she wants a drink, she kind of shovels at it with her whole face! Did pass one very grumpy guy on the way to our spot. Wow if I ever get that way I hope someone tells me.

Today we went caching.  Got 6 more. Yeah! Also got to see some neat country. We go to the tri-cities often but without caching, we would never have found the cool places or seen some of the best scenery because we are always in a hurry to get there and back. Well we found some today and some very easy caches.

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Rattlesnakes and Caching


Last night Bruce and I went caching. Found 5 more!!! Found plenty of nice scenery and excitement too. We started out on the Oregon side near McNary Dam in Umatilla. We walked through a beautiful area on bark covered trails to find 3 caches. 2 micros and 1 regular. Bruce took some nice photos. We had no idea that area was there. We talked to some very nice people who wanted to learn about geocaching. We left there and headed for the Washington side for some more wonderful scenery. Wow what views of the dam. Lots of excitement too. Bruce was hiking up a cliff to one cache and came very close to 2 rattlesnakes!! Jumped clear thank goodness. We found 2 more caches, a travelbug from CT and our first pin. It is a USA flag. We ran out of daylight so headed home. Stopped for a snack which is a no no that late but we had walked about 4 miles and were hungry. Will try to behave next time. lol

Columbia River Heritage Trail

Bruce on the trail.Me on the trail.MarinaColumbia RiverMarkerTrail MarkerWe started early this morning for the trail. A friend of ours dropped us off at the trail head in Umatilla, Oregon. We had our packs and of course Ellen, our lab came along. The trail mostly follows the river but sometimes curves away from it a little so you have to search to see it. This trail is in the desert and the temp. started climbing by about 10am. We saw deer and Bruce found two markers. I think they are benchmarks but not sure. We saw some beautiful country and met some very nice people. The trail takes you through the marina in Irrigon and the fish hatchery just outside of town. By about 1:30pm I was getting pretty tired in the heat so we ended our hike a little earlier than we planned but still went 15 miles. Will finish the hike on to Sail board beach and the Boardman marina another day.

Next hike

We are going on a 20 mile hike starting on Tuesday night. Maybe Wednesday morning. It is on the Lewis and Clark trail thru some very nice wildlife viewing areas along the Columbia river. This area is desert so this is a very good time of year to hike it. The temps will be bearable. We will go about half way and camp at the campground beyond sail board beach, then return on Thursday. There will be lots of fishing going on. Some geocache hunting and plenty of photos. Our old dog Ellen will be going with us. She belonged to our son for 15 years but now that he is off to college, we have inherited her. She is still very spry for her age but has a favorite trick when she is hiking with us. She believes she is one of our children and therefor cannot understand why we put her on a leash at times! How dare we? lol She will walk for about a mile with us then starts to lag behind at the end of it until we are almost dragging her, so that we will take it off. As soon as we do she is running at least 10 feet in front of us. I hate putting it on her but it’s necessary when other people and dogs are around.Ellen

Fishing Vest and Ebay

vestI was playing on Ebay last night waiting for Bruce to get home from working a double shift and found a fishing vest with tons of pockets. It was about 12:30 am. You can get some great deals late at night on there as not a lot of folks are up to bid against you. Of course you have to make sure the item you’re bidding on is closing early in the am. I put in my bid. When I got up this morning I got an email telling me I’d won the item. These vests are perfect for hiking and caching. You can put all your electronic gear in the pockets, like your GPS unit, Palm Pilot, Cell phone and camera. There’s still plenty of room for other small items. Your stash of goodies for the caches, snacks, keys and more. Now I need to find one for Bruce. I was bidding on one but it went to high. I’ll keep searching.