Caching through the snow-la la la la la la

Well almost! Bruce and I spent the day yesterday driving to Yakima and back. On the way there, we did a little caching. We found eight in about 2 hours and one dnf. Our gps was going crazy in the area. I am sure we were close but no cigar. Lol. There are some nice caches along Hwy 82. Had to stop caching and continue our drive though because the Weather service was calling for snow to start in Yakima around 3 PM. We got there at about 1 PM, took the first exit we came to and had lunch at Denny’s.

We asked the server where to find RV parks in the area. As she was telling us about one, an older gentleman came up and gave us directions to another. We checked them both out but really liked one of them. It has an indoor heated pool and two spas. We also drove by the Army training center. That is why we were there checking into parks and looking over the area. Bruce may be going to work there.

It was getting late and still no sign of snow. We figured we had pushed our luck far enough so we headed for home. On the way I took the pictues below of the Flamingos and Tea Pot real quick with my cell phone. The third one is How we roll! As we were getting to Umatilla it did start raining. It continued the rest of the way home.

Got up this morning to about a half an inch of snow!! I guess it followed us home. :} I like it as long as we don’t get too much.

flamingos.jpgTeaPotHow we rollsnow.jpg


Making money selling weed!

Here it is, the perfect business. Selling Tumbleweeds!! Who knew? lol

Daily Log

Bruce and I walked 4.4 miles tonight. We started out in a field then headed down the road. I’d like to get up to 5 miles when we walk. On our way so far. How are you doing?

Two new things discovered today

We went on a lovely 2 hour drive in search of our first cache from the Terra cache website and our first waymark. Got them both! The Terra cache was awesome. It is Stonehenge in Washington. If you are in the area it is well worth the stop. There is also a war memorial there.

Signstone2.jpgstonehenge.jpgKlickatat Countyklickatatcounty.jpg

The Drive Through

Another very cool site. Trekearth


Aurora Borealis

Awesome photographs of the northern lights I used to see as a child. You can view more HERE.


Tree sculptures

Arborsculpture is the art of shaping trees trunks. It is often accomplished by framing, bending, grafting and pruning. Using one or many trees guided into pre designed shapes, functional or artistic, to remain living or to be harvested.
Treehouse Peace