Christmas Event Cache

It’s coming up Thursday. They are doing a secret Santa gift thing. I am taking a crazy quilt wall hanging I made to sell. I will let you know what we got  and hopefully some photos as well. Are you going to one?


Local Event Cache

Last night we went to our 2nd event cache and what fun. We met some more local crazy obsessed people. lol We heard some great caching stories and learned some new tricks of the trade. The club dedicated a cache to a local person who is very involved in the caching community. She was very surprised. Bruce and I both had a blast. He loves to sit back and take in the sights and hear the noise volume go up when everyone starts arriving. We also got to discover tons of TB.s and Geocoins! See our PROFILE on Geocaching.

We even passed on the pizza and soda. Instead had a small  sub on the way home.  


Had a nice surprise when we went to get the mail tonight. 6 geocoins were there! Mostly state coins. I have started to collect those. Do you collect coins?